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, a legal advisor, has failed to take him to court. he says the country's laws of impunity make it hard and cases like this particularly difficult. if you take into account that in chile there are two , one oftial candidates them the daughter of the victim, there is a whole political dynamic that explains why the judges refuse to enforce the law and indict him. this is not fair. it is arbitrary. but in chile, we are used to this. >> santiago is littered with grim reminders of the past. this person is the director of another former torture center, where in the garden every rose represents a woman killed. the torturesurvived which involved beatings, electric shock, and more. >> there was a particular torture they used against women, like me, who refused to talk. it involved violent sexual abuse. i was pregnant at the time and i loved my baby. he said the country did not need another baby. the buildings of the time have been destroyed, but they have built a model of the cell where she was held blindfolded for weeks at a time with four others. 20s, was then in her also held in one of these
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2 (some duplicates have been removed)